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Quick links

Quick links

Ran across a couple of interesting links:

Space-Time Travel Data is Analytic Super-Food!, a very meaty blog post where Jeff Jonas starts by discussing largely the same themes that I blogged about a while back, but he has thought more – a lot more! – deeply about it and delivers a number of interesting insights and predictions. The comments section contains some good stuff too.

Data is Journalism – this post discusses the acquisition by of the local data aggregator service Everyblock. The question of whether data “is” journalism reminds me of the world of science – is a big and hard-to-obtain data set worthy of being published in a prestigious journal, even if the accompanying paper lacks a clear advancement in scientific knowledge? These questions may not be correctly formulated, and when it comes to journalism, I’m certain that data analysis and presentation will play an important role in its future, along with the more traditional components.

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