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About Follow the Data

This blog is meant to be a kind of note pad for a couple of guys who want to stay in touch with emerging trends loosely centered around how data from all imaginable kinds of sources are increasingly being collected and analyzed. This is manifested in (partly overlapping) concepts like reality mining (collecting everyday, real-world data through e.g. mobile phones or smart sensors), self-tracking (measuring aspects of your own life, often by monitoring various physiological parameters) and personalized medicine (using individual-based data to improve disease prevention or therapeutical outcomes.)

We also hope to write about good old data analysis, data mining and programming. Note that we are not claiming to be experts or even especially knowledgeable about the things we cover!


6 thoughts on “About Follow the Data

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  2. Interesting blog!

    I thought you might be interested in CKAN, an open-source registry of open data:

    If you come across any interesting open data, it would be great if you’d consider adding it to CKAN! 🙂

  3. Hi! Interesting blog… but why anonymous? Who are the “couple of guys” writing the posts?
    I am also using a blog as a “notepad” and a reminder list. It would be useful to connect and share some info. Are you on LInkedIN?
    I am going to list your blog in my blogroll (, if this is ok with you. You can link your blog to my blog if you like. I am doing research and development at the intersection of computational linguistics and text analytics.

    Best Regards,
    Marina Santini, Stockholm

  4. Thanks for your reply, Mikael and Joel!

    Trevlig söndag


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