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Neural networks hallucinating text

I’ve always been a sucker for algorithmic creativity, so when I saw the machine generated Obama speeches, I immediately wanted to try the same method on other texts. Fortunately, that was easily done by simply cloning the char-rnn repository by Andrej Karpathy, which the Obama-RNN was based on. Andrej has also written a long and really very good introduction to recurrent neural networks if you want to know more about the inner workings of the thing.

I started by downloading an archive of all the posts on this blog and trained a network with default parameters according to the char-rnn instructions. In the training phase, the network tries to learn to predict the next character in the text. Note that it does not (initially) know anything about words or sentences, but learns about those concepts implicitly with training. After training, I let the network hallucinate new blog posts by sampling from the network state (this is also described on the GitHub page). The network can be “primed” with a word or a phrase, and a temperature parameter controls how conservative or daring the network should be when generating new text. Essentially a low temperature will give a repetitive output endlessly rehashing the same concepts (namely, the most probable ones based on the training data) while a high temperature will output more adventurous stuff such as weird new “words” and sometimes imaginary hyperlinks (if links were included in the input).

Here are a few samples from the Follow the Data RNN. You’ll be the judge of how well it captures the blog’s spirit.

Temperature 1:

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Temperature 0.2:

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OK, that was not great. Let’s raise the temperature to 0.7 and seed the net with “deep learning”:

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You’ll note that the net has invented many interesting new words, which is a consequence of the fact that it is generating one character at a time.

For my next experiment, I couldn’t resist putting the collected short stories of JG Ballard (one of my favourite writers) into the network. Here, I used 256 nodes, but perhaps should have trained a bit longer as the results are still a bit shaky (although they have a distinctly Ballardian feel at times). In particular, I am missing words like “canopy”, “perimeter”, and of course the drained swimming pools. Here are some samples:

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Or with the max temperature:

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Using a low temperature (0.2 in this case) we get a lot of stations, statues and chauffeurs:

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That’s it for this time!


Who should we interview?

As you may know, we started a series of podcasts last year and managed to finish four episodes: interviews with Gavagai,, Paco Nathan and Niklas Laninge. Those were great fun, but at the end of 2012 we started to hit a brick wall when trying to find interview subjects. We ended up getting semi-positive responses from four or five companies along the lines of “we are interested, but not right now.” Now we are starting to feel that perhaps we should just talk between the two of us in the following podcasts in order to keep them coming out. 

But before we decide on that, what do our readers think? Any suggestions for people or companies that we should interview? Please let us know in the comments section.

Just follow the data

Sorry, couldn’t resist this … I was listening to the most recent episode of Futures in Biotech. About 29:00 into the show, Professor Judith Campisi says:

“So, you know, first of all, I think this is the beauty of science, […] you start off […] in one corner of the world, or the universe of your field, and if you follow the data — just follow the data! — you don’t know where you’re gonna wind up.

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