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Digital Health Days 2013

The Digital Health Days, which will be held in Stockholm on August 21-22, looks like an event that will touch upon many of the things mused upon in this blog, for instance analytics, gamification and self-tracking in relation to medicine and the life sciences. A quick glance at the program reveals session names like “The New Health Enablers: Mobile Health Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Gamification and Games For Health”, “Digital Health Science”, “Smarter Care and Watson for healthcare”, “Computational Health and Big Data Analytics as tools for life science”, etc.

The conference is a bit pricey for the casual visitor (2990 SEK ~ 345 EUR ~ 450 USD) but has a good discount for students, who’ll only need to pay 490 SEK (~56 EUR / ~73 USD).


Meetup groups for Big Data & Predictive Modeling and Quantified Self in Stockholm

Two interesting new meetup groups have formed in Stockholm (well, there are other interesting ones but for the purposes of this blog these two are the most exciting):


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