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Good Data

Good Data seems like an interesting company. Their business idea, if I have understood it correctly, is to provide on-demand business analytics “in the cloud”: that is, to let users host analyze their business data on a flexible pay-for-what-you-use cloud computing platform. An interesting detail is that although the company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, the engineering is done in the Czech Republic. Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, among others, has invested in Good Data. The company has a blog where they elaborate on how their product can help customers.

Update 25/10: Jerome Pineau (see comment section) pointed out that while I had grasped part of the Good Data concept, I had missed the strong focus on collaborative or what Jerome calls “intra-social” aspect of the platform. The “What It Does” page on the company site says, among other things, that

With Good Data, collaboration happens directly around the data, not on a wiki or via email, but inside the analysis space. Comments can be embedded in reports and tied to specific values, even on defined metrics. Tags make reports easy to find, and quickly show which reports are popular. Report revisions show a history of collaboration—allowing you to track who changed what and why, just like a wiki.


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