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Peak meetup in Stockholm?

This month (March 2015) is simply packed with data related meetups in Stockholm. Are we witnessing the peak of interest or can it be sustained? Nice to see that there seems to be a large enough group of enthusiasts to sustain these meetings.

These are the meetups that I am aware of (and in some cases have been to) in Stockholm this month:

March 10. Kickoff for the new Stockholm Deep Learning group. Already held, there is a recording here.

March 11. Google BigQuery 101 with Jordan Tigani, already held. at Google’ Stockholm office.

March 18. Stockholm Hadoop User Group meeting: Druid at Criteo and History of Hadoop at Spotify.

March 18. Big Data, Stockholm.

March 23. Stockholm R useR Group meeting: R in genomics. (I am one of the organizers)

March 23. Stockholm Machine Learning / Spotify Tech Group: Large-scale Machine Learning with Spark and Flink

March 24. Stockholm Natural Language Processing group meeting: Word Embedding, from theory to practice at Gavagai.

March 26. Apache Spark Show and Tell.

That’s seven eight meetups, without me even really looking. Perhaps there are others too? I hope Stockholm can sustain the momentum (and perhaps that it spreads to other cities in the region.)


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