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I’ve started to follow a number of data-themed podcasts:

  • O’Reilly Data Show. This is a newish spin-off from the O’Reilly Radar Podcasts, led by O’Reilly’s chief data scientist, Ben Lorica. The first three episodes have dealt with “the science of moving dots” (analyzing sports videos), Bitcoin analytics, and Kafka.
  • Partially Derivative. This bills itself as a podcast about “data, data science and awesomeness”, and also seems to have a beer side theme (check out the logo, for instance). I have only heard the latest episode (#7), which I liked.
  • The Data Skeptic Podcast. A very good podcast with frequent episodes. Some are “minisodes”, shorter shows where the host usually discusses some specific statistical issue or model with his wife Linhda, and some are longer interviews with people who talk about surprisingly interesting topics such as “data myths”, how to make unbiased dice, how algorithms can help people find love, etc.
  • Data Stories. This one focuses on data visualization and interviews with strong practitioners of the same. Definitely worth a listen.

I also used to be a fan of The Cloud of Data, which does not seem to be updated anymore. (?)  Are there any other good ones?

Edit 2015-01-04. There is a brand new machine learning podcast called Talking Machines, which doesn’t seem to be on iTunes yet. It seems like a must-listen based on the guest list in the first show (Hanna Wallach [of the much-linked Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Social Sciences: Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency talk],  Kevin Murphy [who wrote one of the most highly praised textbooks in the area], Max Welling [co-chair of the NIPS conference], and the three deep learning giants Yann LeCun, Yoshoua Bengio and Geoff Hinton).

I also found another machine learning themed podcast from Udacity called Linear Digressions.


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