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Follow the Data podcast, episode 5: Journalism and data

After a looong absence, here is the latest episode of the FTD podcast. This time, we talk to Peter Grensund and Jens Finnäs, who write data-driven news stories at the Stockholm arm of Journalism++ (J++). Among many other things, Jens has a great resource site (sorry, Swedish only) about data journalism and Peter has won a prestigious award for a “mortgage map“, a visualization of mortgage rates in different parts of Sweden.

Some topics discussed:

  • The term “data journalism” (or precision journalism, database journalism etc.) Peter and Jens emphatically stated that they are first and foremost journalists, perhaps just a bit more data literate than average. After all, all journalism is about collecting information, weighing it and telling an interesting story.
  • The career prospects of a data-driven journalist.
  • Which media companies are the most forward-looking in Sweden in terms of these things.
  • Excel as the “Swiss army knife of data journalism” vs. R
  • How the barrier to entry is actually quite low. It is not difficult for a journalist to learn how to use data resources.


Listen to the podcast | Follow The Data #5: Journalism and data

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