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Coursera Introduction to Data Science Course

I promised in an earlier blog post to report back on the Introduction to Data Science course given by Coursera. Paradoxically, I didn’t finish it although I think it was the best of the three online data-related courses that I started this year (the others were Data Analysis on Coursera and Introduction to Data Science at Syracuse University). I think my non-finishing was related to some sort of MOOC fatigue and just the fact that I had too much going on. Also, the descriptions of the last mandatory assignments (Tableau and Kaggle) were a bit too vague for my schedule (I finished all the quizzes and the programming assignments). Enough excuses – I think this was an excellent course which covered a lot of ground, from SQL via Map/Reduce to machine learning. In particular, the Map/Reduce programming assignments (which used a Python Map/Reduce library) were helpful to me. Highly recommended (and yes, I’ll try to finish it up next year).


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2 thoughts on “Coursera Introduction to Data Science Course

  1. hi I’m watching the preview of the Introduction toData Science on Coursera. Do you mind send me the slides he is using or other material related since there is no resources on that website now. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    • Mikael Huss on said:

      Hi Evian, I didn’t download any material from the course, preferring to view lectures and slides online. So I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.

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