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Hack the Globe, Nov 1-3 2013 in Stockholm

NOTE: This page originally stated a different set of dates, which was later changed to Nov 1-3 2013.

This event, labelled the “first Stockholm international innovation hackfest”, is interesting to me because of its international perspective and stated purpose to solve global problems.

Description from the home page:

We aspire to create an authentic [?! – MH] platform for talented young engineers from all over the world to form startup teams and create IT products that can contribute to the society worldwide. And all of it – in the hottest European tech hub – Stockholm.
The participants are young engineers from top world universities ranging from Stanford to KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 50 Swedes and 50 internationals will be placed into different teams to hack software for 48-hours during the event. Teams will create technology-driven services from telecommunication apps to Google Glass alternatives using a variety of platforms presented at the hackathon. Hack the Globe is designed to become the biggest European software development event of the year.

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2 thoughts on “Hack the Globe, Nov 1-3 2013 in Stockholm

  1. Hello! thanks for the coverage, just wanted to highlight the new dates (Nov 1st-3rd 2013) – Would you mind updating this? This blog clearly has a lovely page rank and is on the first page of Google: “Hack the Globe”!
    Thanks again!

    • Mikael Huss on said:

      Thanks for the note – I wasn’t aware of the date change. Also a bit surprised by the apparent high page rank of the blog, but happy of course! 😉

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