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Stockholm R useR Group inaugural meeting

Yesterday, the Stockholm R useR group had its inaugural meeting, hosted by Statisticon, a statistical consulting firm with offices in the heart of the city. It was a smaller and more intimate affair than the Stockholm Big Data meetup last week, with perhaps 25 people attending. If my memory serves, the entities represented at the meeting were Statisticon itself, the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control, Klarna, Stockholm University (researchers in 3 different fields), the Swedish Pensions Agency, and Karolinska Institutet.

There were two themes that came up again and again: firstly, reproducible dynamic reporting – everyone seemed to either use (and love) or want to learn Sweave (and to some extent knitr), and secondly, managing big data sets in R. Thus it was decided to focus on these for the next meeting: an expert from the group will give a presentation on Sweave, and another group of members will try to collect information on what is available for “big data” in R.

I thought it was interesting to see that the representatives from the Swedish Pensions Agency (there were 3 of them) seemed so committed to R, open source and open data. Nice! It was also mentioned that another employee of the same agency, who wasn’t present, has been developing his own big-data R package for dealing with the 9-million-row table containing pension-related data on all Swedish citizens.


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