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Stockholm Big Data Meetup

The first meetup of the Stockholm Big Data group was organized yesterday (Sep 6 2012) by Mikael Hussain at the Klarna headquarters. The audience was packed, with close to a 100 people attending and others unfortunately left out (due to fire regulations.) Apparently a lot of people (including us) had been thirsting for this sort of event.

The format was 1.5h of rapid talks (supposed to be 10 min each but probably a bit longer in practice) on widely different topics – we will refer to Marina Santini’s excellent writeup for details on the talks – followed by socializing in the pub around the corner. Follow the Data was represented by me (Mikael) as I gave a short talk about the benefits of competing in (and organizing) online prediction contests.

During the course of the event, I learned about three companies that I didn’t know about and who are all actively looking for analytics and big data talent:

  • Campanja – online advertising, heavily into Erlang and AI. Looking to fill several positions of different kinds
  • Svensk Lånemarknad (~Swedish Loan Exchange?) – help customers find the best banks and loans for them – looking to fill a predictive analytics position
  • Tink – not quite sure what they are doing (the home page is a bit cryptic) – looking for developers

I’m sure there were other companies as well looking to recruit – I only had time to talk to a small fraction of the participants, obviously!

All in all, I think the meetup was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to more meetups in Stockholm soon.


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