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Summer reading

Some nice reading for the summer (in case of a rainy day of course):

  • Prediction, Learning and Games (PDF link) – Nice textbook on prediction. Via @ML_hipster (worth following on Twitter if you like @bigdatahipster and/or authentic, hand-crafted decision trees)
  • Data Science 101, a very nice blog which points to a multitude of resources
  • School of Data and the accompanying Data Wrangling Handbook
  • Agile Data by Russell Jurney (who is well worth following on Twitter and especially Quora). This book isn’t finished yet but can be viewed in its current state of development at the given link, which is within the Open Feedback Publishing System at O’Reilly Media. So you can, on one hand, read the book (or parts of it) for free before publication, and on the other hand, provide feedback and thus shape the contents of the book.
  • (edit 17/7 2012) Might as well throw this one in: Data Jujitsu: The Art of Turning Data into Product by DJ Patil, a free O’Reilly Radar report (epub/PDF/mobile).

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