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A couple of radio shows/podcasts I’ve enjoyed in the last few months:

Numbers from This American Life. This show from 1998 (!) which predates the Quantified Self movement by about 10 years, is as fresh and interesting as anything from the QS movement today. Available for one dollar or so from iTunes.

NPR’s On the Media had a good data-themed show on May 13, 2011, with material on data journalism, personal data, the “decline effect” and (particularly interestingly) two cautionary tales about relying too much on a data driven approach. Freely available on iTunes (etc.)

I’ve also enjoyed the numerous videos from the Sage Commons Conference in April. The main themes are summarized in the web site slogan “genomics, health innovation and open science.” Sage, which I’ve blogged about several times before, is about open data, open science, disease network modelling, Bayesian networks, amongst other things.



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