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Genomics / big data / machine learning job opportunities

A couple of interesting job opportunities (both companies are in the US) for people with a genomics/data profile:

Ion Flux (a company that I haven’t heard of until now) works in “Clinical Genomics + High-Performance Computing” and looks for people with the following characteristics:

Do you want to work with an innovative, dynamic team that’s defining the state of the art in clinical diagnostics and healthcare?

Do you see big data problems as an opportunity to produce big results? Are you fascinated by the science, statistics, algorithms, and infrastructure needed to realize the possibilities?

Halcyon Molecular, a DNA sequencing company that “aims to transform biology into an information science”, is looking for people who know statistical learning, in particular Hidden Markov Models and Bayesian statistics. Halcyon’s web page says:

Current gene sequencing methods are too slow, too expensive, and too incomplete to make ‘personalized medicine’ more than a buzzword.  Our nanorobotics and single-atom detection approach will enable megabase single-molecule reads in milliseconds.

In order to make this reality, they need people who are good at image processing and the above-mentioned statistical learning approaches.



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