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I was discussing the importance of data visualization with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago. We agreed that some sort of dynamic, intuitive interfaces for looking at and interacting with huge data sets in general, and sequencing-based data sets in particular, would be extremely useful. As the Dataspora blog puts it in a recent post, “The ultimate end-point for most data analysis is a human decision-maker, whose highest bandwidth channel is his or her eyeballs.” (the post is worth reading in its entirety)

Apparently Illumina (one the biggest vendors of high-throughput sequencers) agree; they’ve announced a competition where the aim is to provide useful visualizations of a number of genomic datasets derived from a breast cancer cell line. The competition closes at March 15, 2011.

Here’s a nice paper, A Tour through the Visualization Zoo, which provides a whirlwind tour of different kinds of graphs. The figures are actually interactive, so you can mess around with them if you are reading the article online.

The Infosthetics blog highlights Patients Like Me as the most successful marriage of online social media and data visualization.


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