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Excellent “data science” overview

What is data science? is a very informative blog post from O’Reilly Radar. It explains concepts like “data science”, “big data” and “data jiujitsu” (!) and offers pointers to a variety of tools for big data analysis and visualization as well as places to learn more about these topics. Highly recommended.


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2 thoughts on “Excellent “data science” overview

  1. Petter Holme on said:

    I thought that article was something of a bummer (although I got it’s excellence retweeted N times). First “why do we suddenly care about statistics and about data” and then 5-10 y.o. examples (PageRank, CDDB, Facebook, Twitter) … “suddenly”? Then comes the graph of “Hiring tendencies in data science” which turns out to be hiring tendencies of two distributed databases that are gaining momentum because they are open source rather than groundbreaking inventions. I think this blog does a much better job in highlighting the difference between today and the information-explosion hype of 40 years ago … the explosion of the accessibility and diversity of data and statistics software.

  2. Mikael Huss on said:

    Thanks for the compliment, although I did think the linked article was a nice whirlwind tour of the world of data. I agree that the “hiring tendencies” thing was silly.

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