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Peer-reviewed life?

For those curious about where self-tracking (or self-measurements/self-monitoring/personal informatics, or whatever we should call it) might be going in the future, it could be worth glancing through the papers from an interesting workshop, Know Thyself: Monitoring and Reflecting on Facets of One’s Life, which was held in Atlanta in April. The papers have intriguing titles like Life-browsing with a Lifetime of Email, Computational Models of Reflection, Collaborative Capturing of Significant Life Memories and From Personal Health Informatics to Health Self-management. A striking quote from a paper entitled Assisted Self Reflection: Combining Lifetracking, Sensemaking, & Personal Information Management by Moore et al:

Just as we are able to submit papers to peer-reviewed con-
ferences and journals, we could anonymously share selected
portions of our life activities for peer or professional consulta-
tion when making major career decisions, learning a new skill
or in the process of recovery. By seeing ourselves through
the eyes of others, we are more able to normalize behavior
patters and raise awareness of suppressed abnormalities.

I’m not sure I am ready for peer review yet … maybe some day…


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