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There’s a lot of talk about data now, and it seems to be accelerating. Just during the last few weeks, I’ve been told that:

  • data is money (and money is data). Quote: “In the new data economy, money is just a certain type of data. Nothing more and nothing less.” [Stephan Noller, The Future of Targeting]
  • the data singularity is here. Quote: “The machines all around us — our smart phones, smart cars, and fee-happy bank accounts — are talking, and increasingly we’re being left out of the conversation.” [Michael Driscoll, Dataspora]
  • (big) data is less about size, more about freedom. Quote: “[T]he data renaissance is here. Be a part of it.” [Bradford Cross for TechCrunch]
  • (big) data is the next big thing. Quote: “This is not last year’s data-mining.  This is data-mining on steroids!” [Jonathan Reichental, PwC Innovation Blog]
  • (open) data went worldwide in 2009. Quote: “The cry of “raw data now,” which I made people make in the auditorium,was heard around the world.” [Tim Berners-Lee]
  • open data and cloud data services are at least as important as open source. Quote (actually from Peter Norvig): “We [=Google] don’t have better algorithms than anyone else. We just have more data.” [Tim O’Reilly]
  • the future belongs to companies who combine public data in the right way and offer analytics-based insights. Quote: “How did Flightcaster, a one time Y Combinator startup, put itself in a position to know more about the state of airline operations than the airlines themselves?” [tecosystems]

Of course, we shouldn’t forget IBM’s data baby, who’s out there generating sensor data even before s(he) has been born. A citizen of the future.


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