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Data mine your way to $100,000

The crowdsourcing company Innocentive, which serves up tough (usually scientific or technical) problems for anyone to solve against a monetary reward, has put up a predictive analytics challenge for which the reward is a whopping USD100,000. You’ll have to register to find out what the challenge is about and in order to download the data, but I don’t think I’m giving away too much by saying that it’s a life science/bioinformatics challenge, albeit one which could be solved without much knowledge of biology. Innocentive has apparently implemented a new system for testing your predictive models against a reference data set, kind of like NetFlix, and they also have a leader board showing the currently best models (measured by R^2 of predictions vs. test set using Spearman’s rank correlation). Of course, the final submission from each contestant will be scored on a completely separate test set.


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