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Video time

Here are a few video clips I’ve enjoyed watching over the past week.

From TEDMED2009, David Agus talks about cancer research and covers quite a lot of territory, from the value of monitoring your habits (he briefly discusses his own Philips DirectLife device) to the need for a molecular rather than tissue-based definition of cancer and his quest to model cancer as a complex system that has to do with a lot more than genetics.

The Argument for Better Health, in 3 Minutes & 53 Seconds is an attempt to summarize the most important arguments of Thomas Goetz’ new book The Decision Tree for a broader audience. In other words, it’s about how individuals can take control of their own health by using what Goetz calls a decision tree approach. The video, although good, is kind of entry-level material; if you want to go a bit deeper, you could download podcasts of the introduction and first chapter of the book. Here are three good reviews of the book.

Finally, a video in four parts explaining the benefits of using the R language for statistical analysis. I use R myself practically daily and think it’s great. These videos make it clear that it has now spread far outside of academia and has become an important part of the data analyst’s toolbox.

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