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Stream computing for babies

A Smarter Planet has a nice video about how IBM have used stream computing (basically meaning, I think, real-time analysis of massive streams of unstructured data) to improve the detection of life-threatening complications in prematurely born babies. Doctors at the The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto wanted to try to use real-time information to detect changes in the condition of critically ill “preemies”. They set up a system to measure streams of physiological data about e g respiration and heart rate and analyze them on the fly. In a cute comparison, the speaker voice says that the IBM InfoSphere “…enables massive amounts of data to be correlated and analyzed for patterns and trend at more than 200 times a second, faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings.”

A very nice application of stream analytics – and as a bonus, the video uses Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air as part of its soundtrack (I think).


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One thought on “Stream computing for babies

  1. Stream-data means “massive parallel data-processing”. so what we have with Intel’s 2 or 4 big cores, we now talk about hundreds or even thousands of small cores. Search for the buzz-word “opencl” to find out more.

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