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Link roundup

A roundup of some interesting links from the past few weeks.
Brian Mossop of the Decision Tree blog is embarking on a project to find out how much personal data is needed to stay healthy. He will use devices like the Zeo sleep coach and the Nike+ sportband to record his personal data and post updates about what he has found. He’s also promised a longer blog post after 30 days summarizing his experiences.

dnaSnips is a site that compares reports received by the same person from three different direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic analysis services:  23andme, deCODEme and Navigenics. Summarizing the experiment, the author feels that all three services give pretty accurate results. (link found via Anthony Fejes’ blog)

By now, there are probably few people who haven’t heard about the scientist who turned out to be call girl blogger Belle de Jour. I was intrigued to find that her Amazon wishlist contains hardcore statistical data analysis books like Chris Bishop’s Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition and An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-based Learning Methods. In fact, she’s previously blogged about her Bayesian theory of relationships, so she’s clearly no slouch when it comes to statistics and data mining.

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