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A Smarter Planet

A Smarter Planet (with the slogan Instrumented, Interconnected, Intelligent) is an interesting group blog from IBM. It discusses issues around designing smarter cities and also has a strong focus on healthcare technology and analytics. Here is an excerpt that I found interesting from one of the healthcare analytics related posts:

In China, a first-of-a-kind system built initially by IBM’s China Research Lab, enables sharing of electronic medical records across traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine environments, allowing healthcare practitioners to more deeply understand which treatment plans and techniques from each environment work best for specific diseases and medical conditions.

Speaking of healthcare data analytics, there is an interesting discussion going on in the comments section to this post from Marginal Revolution. The post itself calls for opening up data about how successful different hospitals are in treating different conditions. However, there are many facets to consider here, as the commenters point out.

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