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New Technique Identifies Versions Of The Same Song. I’d love to see this evaluated on Jamaican dancehall/reggae versions (songs sharing the same riddim). They tested their algorithm on “Day Tripper” as performed by Beatles and another band, but how would it have fared on the Diwali riddim album, for instance?

New Emergency Medical Service System May Predict Caller’s Fate. A paper in BMC Emergency Medicine shows that a computer algorithm is able to predict the patient’s risk of dying at the time of the emergency call. The system described in the paper is used in Yokohama and was tested from 1st October 2008 until 31st March 2009, collecting information from over 60,000 emergency calls. The system can be used to prioritise ambulance responses according to the severity of the patient’s condition.

The Pentagon is performing massive data mining on teens and young adults for military recruitment purposes.

Deep data dive: Swine flu prompts big sales of hand sanitizers. A company called Panjiva is analyzing global trade data to find out real-time information affecting supply and demand changes.


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