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Launch script for clojure

Yesterday I was trying to get the clojure web framework compojure running, but I had some troubles. It seems that the version of clojure I was running wasn’t compatible with the latest and greatest compojure off github, or that I hadn’t included all jars needed. I found a tip on one of the comments here for specifying a folder where all jars are included which takes the pain out of adding each jar singlehandedly. So I have now adapted my script to start clojure which was taken from, but changed so that it includes a full folder’s worth of jars instead of specifying each jar by itself.

Here’s my new launch script for clojure:


# Add extra folders as specified by `.clojure_libs` file
if [ -f .clojure_libs ]
EXT_DIRS=$EXT_DIRS:`cat .clojure_libs`

if [ -z "$1" ]; then
$JAVA -server -Djava.ext.dirs=$EXT_DIRS \
jline.ConsoleRunner clojure.lang.Repl
$JAVA -server -Djava.ext.dirs=$EXT_DIRS  clojure.lang.Script $scriptname -- $*

Now that I have a working base default setup of compojure it is time to start writing something useful! Will need to make slime work without hiccups too.


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