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Erlang user group Stockholm 27 August

I went to the erlang user group meeting this thursday, and took part of two interesting presentations. The first was on Erlang tools for Eclipse by Jakob Cederlund one of the core developers of the ErlIde as it is called. Good stuff, although there seems to be room for improvement. I think definately there has to be something like this for massive adoption of Erlang in the software industry.

I use Eclipse a lot when I develop in Java, although I prefer to use emacs or textmate for other languages. I haven’t got much experience with Erlang apart from doing the exercises in Joe Armstrongs book Programming Erlang of which I downloaded the beta PDF, and then I used textmate I think. I would like to do some real development in Erlang, the trouble would be to find someone to pay me to do it :). I was into building core services we have at my work in Erlang but it was voted down, so for the forseeable future there java + rails seems to be on top.

The other presentation was by Adam Lindberg on using QuickCheck to test a DSL by generating random DSL data with the DSL’s grammar rules. QuickCheck is a test framework where one can generate tests. Pretty Cool stuff, and it was incredibly fast too! I’m used to slowly churning through masses of cucumber story tests in rails which take forever to run!

A nice evening, very interesting people and good beer at the Erlounge afterwards!

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