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23andme seeks genetic markers for healthy aging

I recently blogged about the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which tries to identify factors predictive of happy aging. Well, just yesterday I read an interesting blog post at Genetic Future describing how 23andme is now looking to identify (genetic) factors for healthy aging.

Apparently, 23andme offered free genetic scans to participants in the Palo Alto Senior Games, a big sporting event for people of age 50 and up. A spokesman for the company told the Palo Alto Online that they want to use the genetic scans to try to find genetic factors underlying healthy aging. The participants in the Palo Alto Senior Games are, almost by definition, healthy seniors, and 23andme are looking to recruit (or already succeeded in recruiting – it wasn’t completely clear to me from the blog post) 4500 individuals, which is a pretty sizable cohort.

This is not the first large-scale recruitment drive from 23andme targeting a specific group – they previously announced a Parkinson’s project with 3000 participants. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of these projects.

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