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Track your habits with Twitter

your.flowingdata is a new service that lets you track your daily habits (which might be any kind of habits – eating, working out, watching TV …) by sending messages to a dedicated Twitter channel. There is a simple syntax for describing what you have been up to. A nifty idea in all its simplicity.

So why track your habits? I’ll borrow this explanation from a Wired article (which, by the way, is worth reading in its entirety, although it perhaps gives too much credit to Nike, as argued in the article comments):

Using a flood of new tools and technologies, each of us now has the ability to easily collect granular information about our lives—what we eat, how much we sleep, when our mood changes.

And not only can we collect that data, we can analyze it as well, looking for patterns, information that might help us change both the quality and the length of our lives. We can live longer and better by applying, on a personal scale, the same quantitative mindset that powers Google and medical research. Call it Living by Numbers—the ability to gather and analyze data about yourself, setting up a feedback loop that we can use to upgrade our lives, from better health to better habits to better performance.

Why not start by tracking your happiness?


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